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August 12th, 2012

The Blue Screen of Death error or BSOD is is generally around the computer screen, blue, and all programs were known to work with you to stop using. It is important to know how to fix Windows 7 Blue screen error and causes of death error. Unless these errors not as widespread, can occur at any time and it is always important to have a basic understanding of the situation. You have an idea about some reasons that cause the blue screen error of death, how the error of its Windows 7 may help correct.
Fixing Windows 7 blue screen with a Registry Cleaner
Some things that can cause the blue screen of death Windows overheating 7th To resolve this problem, make sure the fan is operating the computer system correctly. Also to minimize the risk that the error is repeated, so make sure that Windows 7 memory needed has supported the type of program you’re using. If this is not the case, avoid multi-tasking, that the reason was caused after the Blue Screen of Death error by using more memory for the PC is capable of. It is also very important to regularly needs the equipment with scanners on your system. Thus, all malware and errors that the blue screen of death Windows 7 recognized cause, be removed or corrected before the system actually damaging.
The most common approach to how Windows 7 Blue Screen of Death fix is  reboot of the system. This is the cover of his team who are trying to resolve internal error itself. If the error persists, even after it verifies that your PC is not heated and has ample space for all processes, you may need to restart. Before the computer boots it, press F8 when you have the opportunity to reaffirm, that the last known good configuration that worked. If this does not solve the problem, then it’s a case of software conflict in this case may be, you need to uninstall the software recently installed. This is also the case with any newly installed hardware. If these steps do not resolve BSOD for Windows 7, you may need to boot in Safe Mode and run System Restore again.
Fixing Windows 7 Blue screen error is very easy to do with a registry cleaner. If you scan your computer recognizes your registry errors and remove them safely.

April 23rd, 2012

No matter what the specs are on your PC. slows the passage of time from any computer, if not maintained. If the initial problems are not addressed quickly accumulate serious problems that affect the performance of your system. But by the following steps, you can use the computer as it does so through the box solution with a slow computer are increasing.
1. Remove unnecessary startup programs.
Some programs are introduced, they are released into the boot of the operating system. Communication and instant messaging software are examples, but most people are not aware of these programs running in the background. The design also consume valuable system resources also. Therefore, the removal of unwanted startup programs is to free resources for you. For example, if you do not use instant messaging software usually do not need these programs run at system startup.
To remove the startup type msconfig in the run programs on the console. You will see a screen where you must go to the tab implementation. Then you start to disable the programs you want to stop when the system starts. You can also use a scanner to get it fixed for you for a slow computer.
2. Remove unneeded programs and files.
The elimination of unnecessary files and programs to free up space on your hard disk. The largest hard disk faster than the speed depends on your computer. To remove all of your computer at least a removable media such as DVDs or flash drives to speed up your computer.
3. Basic use of visual effects.
Visual effects you can use your computer nice and fresh. But consume more visual effects and a large amount of system resources, slowing down the system. So with a plain background or a simple screen saver or blank can be done to improve the performance of your computer.
4. Improve memory.
have the main thing that the speed of your system is chosen, the amount of free memory. Over time, programs gather to reduce the amount of free memory. It is preferable to free memory by as many programs as possible, or adding more memory.
5. Fix your registry.
The file contains the program settings and preferences of other users that are required by the operating system. But over time, these entries are corrupted and the system will be to find much time to the right information. Therefore, we recommend improving the use of a system and a registry cleaner registry repair on PC performance and get a solid computer slow.